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1.  Frank Fossil manages 18 project team members. The team is in the project's planning phase. Frank, being from the old school, is ready to schedule the work and submits a completion date 3 months from now. The team is not quite sure how to react to Frank's date proposal. Many of the team supports his date analysis but some of the team questions how he decided on that date. What will impact the project estimates that should be considered first?


A. Work breakdown structure and network diagrams.

B. Preliminary risk assessment and change control procedures.

C. Network diagrams and risk assessments.

D. Work breakdown structure, network diagrams and preliminary risk assessments.


2.  Your company is considering submitting a bid to design a new manufacturing facility for a large client. You are assigned as project manager. You perform some preliminary calculations to help senior management decide whether or not to bid for the work. You determine that the project has a 60% chance of turning a US $150,000 profit and a 40% chance of experiencing a US $175,000 loss. You report back to senior management that the expected monetary value for the project is:

A. $60,000 USD loss.

B. $40,000 USD loss.

C. $20,000 USD profit.

D. $100,000 USD profit.


3.  When developing the project charter, one needs to understand the organizational systems or policies that might influence a project’s success. Some of these systems are personnel and human resource administration, governmental standards, stakeholder risk tolerances and the company infrastructure. These systems and policies are referred to as:

A. Organizational Process Assets

B. Organizational Attitudes

C. Environmental Attitudes

D. Enterprise Environmental Factors


4.  As a team leader, you just experienced the “last responsible moment”. What happened?

A. Dependent deliverables were completed and the next team member can start their tasks

B. You closed your project and archived data

C. The cost of delaying a decision just outweighed the benefits of making a decision

D. GOMO was used to resolve conflict


5.  The four levels of learning include all of the following except:

A. Awareness and Knowledge.

B. Skills.

C. Habit Development.

D. Mastery.


6.  Which of the following is a good defense tactic to use when commitment is being exploited?

A. Walk away from the negotiation.

B. Sign the contract, but be sure you can cancel within 24 hours if you change your mind.

C. If you are being pressured to make a decision, stop and wait 24 hours to decide.

D. Offer something of similar value back to the other party.


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